Tall Tales and Short Stories

These are stories about different events in my life. Some are in fiction form due to the age of the writer at the time of the event in relation to the memory of the writer at the time of writing. Age does that sometimes. Enjoy the stories and provide some feedback.

Location: Fort Smith, Arkansas, United States

July 05, 2006

The Surly Visitor from the Swamp

A fishing trip to the swamps of east Texas, with my grandfather and younger brother, took an interesting twist when a denizen of the swamps decided to join us. Pop, my grandfather, has since passed on, but the mere glance of a swamp or marsh sends wonderful memories flooding back.

Darkness emerges in the late afternoon. The Cypress trees tower above the small boat while their knobs beat its underside. Snakebirds leap from their perches as we neared; their long wings beat out a slow rhythm while they ascend through the clustered branches.

Ahead, a small clearing bathed in sunlight. Across the way, an alligator is laying in wait on the muddy bank; lurking in the shadow, patiently. We maneuver to the edge of the clearing and tie off to the lower branches. All around us, yo-yos and trotlines attest to the fertile fishing in the swamps of Horseshoe Lake; their beaten condition, a testament to our friend on the bank.

Near the front of the boat, Matt and Pop set their corks and hooks with minnows to catch the abundant crappie in these murky waters. Meanwhile, I set a lure on my line to test the waters in the clearing.

GROAN… We cast a wary eye to the shoreline.

A few casts in the sun’s spotlight produce no rewards, while Matt brings in the first catch of the evening. As he resets his hook, the crappie flops about on the floor of the flat bottom boat. The hollow thunk against the boat shell being hit echoes through the swamp. Matt’s metallic grin taunts me. Pop flashes a toothless, understanding smile.

Soon, Pop’s attention turns to his line. His cork bobs. There it goes. Running, running, then, ploop, under the water. He jerks; the hook is set. Pop pulls to the right as he reels in the crappie. The fish struggles to reach the Cypress knobs: freedom. It has no chance as the line grows ever shorter. Pop lifts him out of the water. He’s at least two and half pounds, maybe three. I quickly change from lure to cork and hook.

Hisss. A stirring of the water. I look and the gator is gone. Pop sees this, too. Ever cautious, he pulls an oar up close and I comfort myself by doing the same.

As the sun starts to set, our spotlight in the clearing fades. At first, the lights on the boat do little more than cast a dim reflection on the water. As the swamp grows darker, the boatlight appears stronger. The bullfrogs start their deep croaking. Swarms of moths and mosquitoes attack the illumination. Their bodies, seared from the heat or stunned from their suicidal head butts, fall gently on the reflective pool of the light’s glow on the water.

The bugs struggling on the water attract more fish. Some swim close enough to catch by hand. I am tempted to try, but my friend from the bank is out there, somewhere.

By now, we have caught ten or fifteen crappie and one catfish. He’ll make a good breakfast. SLAP! Pop kills one of the mosquitoes. Thousands are left. We empty a can of OFF®, but it does little to stem the tide.

Noises in the shadows gather our attention. A splash, followed by the screech of a snakebird. Matt’s eyes are wide and intent, trying to focus in the direction of the noise. Pop gives a tired look and a frown. My eyes have trouble focusing on the dark with the rear boatlight just to my side.

Bump. The boat gently rocks. I turn as Pop reaches out and whacks the alligator on the head with his oar. The gator violently swims away. Its tail churns the water in a torrent. Water sloshes against the trees and the boat. Slowly, he fades from sight. None of us breathe during the entire event.

It seems as though eons pass before the fish start biting again. Even then, they bite slowly, tentatively, as if something were watching them, waiting for the crappie to make a wrong move. In the boat, we share the same feeling. Our eyes jump in constant motion from our corks to the darkness. He will be back. But from where? We wait. We watch. We fish. Soon, the tension turns to calm. Maybe once was enough. One by one, we relax. Pop tells stories of fishing, in a hushed voice, with his brothers and grandfather. We forget about Him.

BUMP! This time the boat rocks violently. It moves back and forth against the cypress to which we are tied; the line tightens into a knot. Matt and Pop reel in their lines. I turn to untie the boat, my hands shaking and my line still in the water. The coarse nylon rope is stretched too tightly to untie. As I fumble around in the tackle box for the knife, he hits the boat again. He’s learned his lesson. Staying just below the water line and out of sight, the gator never surfaces. Pop shouts in a loud whisper, “Hurry!”

Success! I find the knife. Quickly, I cut the rope just as I see a bulge in the water moving toward the boat. Turning around and switching on the electric motor, I fumble for my oar with my free hand. Where is it!? My brother sits squarely in the middle of the boat firmly grasping my oar with both hands; his normally pale white skin three shades lighter in the glow of the boat lights.

As we ease out of the swamp into the lake, we hear a splash of water along the shoreline. What sounds like laughter is heard under the gator’s breath as he settles in for another night in his swamp.


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